Best Tulsa Medical Transport

About Us

HealthRide began in 2013, one man with one van and a desire to provide for his family while serving his community. He identified a need for reliable, safe, affordable and courteous medical transportation in Tulsa, and so began HealthRide. His vision to provide this much needed service with integrity has made HealthRide a leader in the medical transportation industry by providing over 35,000 rides a year while still keeping our service friendly and personal. Other wheelchair transport services have lacked the ability to be responsive to issues and personal needs of patients and families.  The difficulties of Oklahoma medical transport services inspired us to search for ways to provide any transport needed, and we have. If you need any type of non-emergency ride, we can provide it!  


Our vans are wheelchair accessible; that means that you can stay in the wheelchair throughout the transport.  Wheelchair Vans keep patients in a wheelchair during the entire ride (chair is locked-in and seat belt fastened).  Our vans can fit almost any size wheelchair, just let us know about your needs prior to transport. Also, please let us know about your experience with our service. We strive for excellence whether you are receiving a medical transport or going to dinner with your family, we want you to enjoy your experience with us!

HealthRide staff will always accept responsibility for the services we provide.  We want to provide you with a safe worry free service. It is HealthRide’s goal to contribute more to the community in the way of medical transportation services then anyone.  HealthRide is a one-stop-shop for nonemergency medical transportation as we provide ambulatory, wheelchair and stretchers transportation services. HealthRide not only provides medical transport services but we also regularly transport wheelchair bound individuals to parks, grocery stores, funerals, weddings…anywhere!  We can get you there.  

We carefully select your drivers. We are committed to hiring the best! We select staff that we know are happy, upbeat, and friendly individuals. Individuals that come with that compassion for seniors others that may need assistance and assurance that the ride will be a positive experience and the last thing you’ll need to worry about.  You will not find a more caring transport staff anywhere!! All your drivers have undergone background checks and drug screens. The drivers are well trained and are looking-out for your interests. Your drivers are passionate about their job and your safety is their #1 priority. Your drivers undergo specialized training for the transport service they will be providing you.  Training drivers entails several days of training along-side our most experienced drivers before we entrust them with providing your transport. Please place your trust in us and our drivers to provide the safest, highest quality transports possible. Our passion and desire is to help you get there regardless of the situation.   

If you have the need to be somewhere and there are obstacles that is where we come in. Our scheduler is used to providing solutions to clients to help them achieve the type of service that fits their needs. 

Please call and ask any questions you may have and look at out list of Frequently-Asked-Questions.