Here are some frequently asked questions from our customers:

Do you provide same day services?​​​​

We can provide same day service if our schedule is permitting. We request for at least 24 hour notice to guarantee a medical transport.


Do you wait at the appointments?

We may wait with you for an additional fee, however most of our medical transports are given a card and call when you are ready. We will come pick you up shortly.


Are passengers allowed to ride along? 

Yes, all of our vehicles are able to hold up to 2 extra passengers. If you need more than 2, we have vans than can accommodate, we just need to know ahead. Also, passengers are not an extra charge. We expect our medical transports to have at least one passenger and strive to accommodate.


​Do you service outside of Tulsa?

Yes, we do transports all over the state of Oklahoma.


Do you accept insurance?

The only insurance we take at the moment is Community Care. Many insurance companies have their own transportation services.


​​Do you only provide rides for medical appointments?

In addition to medical transports can provide a ride for anything you need. We specialize in parties, outings, and dinners.


What kind of payments do you accept?

We can take payment in cash, check, or credit cards. We accept most credit cards.​


When is payment due for transport?

We take payment at the beginning our the transport. There is no fee to hold your spot.

If you have any of your questions were not answered, please give us a call! Any of our office staff will be able to answer any questions you have.


How much does the wheelchair transport service costs?

There are a few variables that determine the cost so the best way to know the price is to call or email.  Generally cost vary depending on the distance that you are needing to go as well as the time of transport.  Transport during normal business hours Monday-Friday are slightly cheaper and since cost are based on distance in depends on the miles traveling.  The best way to get the cost is to provide the addresses where you would like the driver to take you as when so we can get you an accurate price quote.  Other than Community Care Insurance coverage, HealthRide provides private pay trips that are a direct cost for the transport provided paid by the rider, family, hospice, assisted living, hospital, etc.  Our transport services don’t receive any government funding or taxpayer dollars. As a company we pay more for wheelchair converted vans as well as auto insurance costs that cover this type of medical transport service.  Our cost includes a well trained driver, vehicle gas, vehicle maintenance, vehicle cost with conversion, auto insurance and supplies. HealthRides cost to you for a wheelchair transport is generally starts around $40 to $80.  As stated, this cost may vary significantly depending on the aforementioned factors. Please contact us for a price quote.


Will insurance cover the cost of the ride?

Contact your insurance provider to see if they cover any medical transportation services.  Community Care Senior Plan typically pays the entire cost of the trip minus a $5 Copay, this varies a little dependending on your plan.   Community Care covered transports are scheduled by Community Care insurance provider staff. If you have Community Care Senior Plan insurance please contact them for more information regarding scheduling a transport.  


Can someone ride with me?

Yes, any family member, aid, or friend can ride with you at no additional cost provided we have the seating to accommodate them.  Please let us know if someone will be riding with you so we can make sure to accommodate other passengers.  


What is the largest wheelchair you can transport?

HealthRide has the widest ramps in the industry and can accommodate most wheelchairs. If you think the wheelchair might be more than 30 inches wide let us know when you schedule a ride so we can send the right vehicle to perform the transport.  Most HealthRide vans have 36 inch wide ramps which will be able to transport bariatric patients. HealthRide has the widest wheelchair ramps in the state so if we can’t do it, no one can.   


Does HealthRide provide the wheelchair?

If you don’t have a wheelchair you can use HealthRide’s wheelchair during transport.  We have an extra wheelchair in all our wheelchair vans. We regularly utilize our wheelchairs to help patients get home from the hospitals.  HealthRide walks up to the patient’s hospital room with a wheelchair to assist with discharges from hospitals everyday. On the drop off our drivers do the same by pushing the wheelchair patients to their desired location.  


We have steps at our house. Should we request your stretcher transport or wheelchair transport?

If there are just 3 or 4 steps and the patient is light we would definitely recommend a wheelchair transport over a stretcher.  A stretcher is extremely heavy to carry down steps and very hard to carry over any distance or at an angle with the patient. Also, stretchers don’t have the large rear wheels to go down steps one step at a time, like you could do in a wheelchair.  Please call, our team would love to assist you with these questions. However, let us know when you set up the transport if there are steps or stairs so we can select the appropriate driver and wheelchair. If there is a flight of stairs we would recommend using your local ambulance service.  Because ambulance services carry special equipment for emergency services that are used to help people go up or down steps.  


How much are the non-emergency stretcher transports?

Non-emergency stretcher transports are higher in costs than wheelchair transports. Stretcher transports require two trained staff members, a state stretcher license, special equipment, emergency equipment, stretcher lock downs, ect.  Although, HealthRide stretcher transports cost more than wheelchair transports they are a small fraction of what one would pay for an ambulance. Our non-emergency stretcher transport is typically around 25% of the cost of an ambulance.