Although we have great vans, what makes us really special is our drivers. Because HealthRide drivers are willing to do more than other companies with our 24 hour a day services (prior scheduling needed). That means drivers are making themselves available at 6am, Weekends, Holidays; Other wheelchair transport companies can’t say that. HealthRide selects drivers that we believe will be passionate about the wheelchair transportation service they will provide. HealthRide drivers must have a clean driving record, pass a background check and a 10 panel drug screen. All HealthRide drivers have had extensive hands on training so they can get you to your destination as safely as possible. Additionally, most of our drivers have healthcare backgrounds or are CPR certified. A big part of the HealthRide customer experience is our efforts to go above and beyond what other services do. We have higher standards and expectations for our services. We strive to provide superior customer service by being reliable, friendly, and helpful.

Wheelchair Transports

All HealthRide medical transport vans are ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) approved vehicles. We ensure that all vans are certified because all of us here at HealthRide are passionate about providing all of our passengers with a safe ride. Also, HealthRide has acquired the “widest” wheelchair ramps available in Tulsa to be able to accommodate more bariatric patience than any other ride service in the state. HealthRide operates the largest fleet of wheelchair vans in Tulsa. The wheelchair vans are kept clean and serviced regularly. Healthride promises to only use vans in the best of shape. We regularly purchase new vans so you can rest assured knowing that our transport vans are of the highest quality and reliability.

Transportation in a wheelchair van makes the trip easier on the patients. There is less time and effort trying to physically transfer the patients from the wheelchair into car seats. Transfering the patient is not necessary with our wheelchair transport vans. The passenger will stay in their wheelchair during the entire transport. If the patient needs a wheelchair for the transport then HealthRide will be glad to supply the wheelchair for the duration of the ride. Everyday we use our own wheelchairs to help bring patients home from the hospital. The most important thing to us is your safety. That’s why every van is equipped with industry leading wheelchair straps that brace the wheelchair to the floor as well as a lap belt and shoulder straps. All HealthRide drivers have gone through extensive training on how to best strap down the wheelchair and secure the patient for the safest possible transport.

Stretcher Transports

Our State Licensed Stretcher Services are performed by highly trained and Certified EMT’s or EMR transporters. HealthRide Stretcher transports are a fraction of the cost of other medical transport providers such as EMSA. This transport option is a perfect fit for those on bedrest, hospice, or are unable to sit up. Generally insurance doesn’t cover non-emergency stretcher transports. Although, Stretcher Van transportation is not considered cheap, HealthRide transports are usually less than 25% of the cost of local Ambulance providers. HealthRide has multiple Stretcher Van’s which are all certified by the state of Oklahoma to ensure that you are getting the safest ride possible. Although, HealthRide Stretcher Van transports are all non-emergency by nature our stretcher vans maintain all emergency equipment necessary (such as AED’s) to ensure the safe transport of your loved ones.

Ambulatory Transports

HealthRide specializes in providing medical transportation of all types, this includes patients that don’t necessarily need wheelchair transportation. If you are unable to drive or need extra assistance getting in and out of the vehicle or walking for long periods of time. This is the best choice for you. HealthRide front seat riders will get the same customer service and treatment we give to our handicap van patients. We make sure all our riders get all the way into the home, office or appointment. That means we walk with them to the front door or into Dr. Clinic or Hospital room. HealthRide will ensure the rider is taken care of throughout the entirety of our transport service. HealthRide provides an extra level of assurance that most companies don’t. HealthRide transports patients from “bed to bed” or “door to door”, never curb to curb. Many facilities utilize our services over other rideshare companies simply because we are experienced with transporting patients and seniors with mental or physical challenges.

HealthRide Availability

It’s our goal to provide every type of non-emergency medical transportation service. These medical transportation services include stretcher van transportation, wheelchair van transportation, and ambulatory transportation. These services are performed by highly trained HealthRide personal at your request. What makes HealthRide transportation special is the willingness to transport 24/7. With prearranged scheduling we will provide transportation anytime you desire. Although our dispatchers answer phone just about anytime to ensure everyone is where they need to be. HealthRide schedules transports during regular business hours; unfortunately we are not equipped for emergency transports. We will guarantee transports if you schedule 24 hours in advance and we will always do our best to get you scheduled with same day notice. HealthRide is passionate about making sure you get where you need to be no matter the time of the year. Holidays included! We want to help you get back to doing the things you love!

HealthRide Guarantee

HealthRide provides a worry free transportation service guarantee. The last thing we want are clients stressing out about things they can’t control; If you put your trust in us, we will get you there safely, ontime, and hasslefree to the best of our ability. If your not able to see the Doctor because we got you there late there will be no costs to you. If we make mistakes that inconvenience our riders we will discount it all the way down to free. We will make your trip an exceptional one and if you are unsatisfied with the service provided, please let us know. We strive to provide you with only the very best experience! As a company we value the feedback of our customers dearly.