You probably have had experience with taking an ambulance to the hospital for an emergency situation. It’s not very pleasant, but it’s often necessary. However, did you know that there are services available that are cheaper and less stressful to use for nonemergency medical situations? It’s true. In fact, the Top Tulsa Medical Transport company, HealthRide, is able to take care of any and all of your nonemergency medical transport needs for a more affordable price, and they are able to take care of you at any time of the day that you need them.

HealthRide is considered the Top Tulsa Medical Transport because of the amazing hours that they offer to their customers. They are able to schedule rides for their customers at any time of the day, any day of the week, even on holidays. Therefore, whether you are a customer that needs a ride to an early doctor’s appointment or a disabled customer that needs help getting to a family reunion on the other side of town, HealthRide is able to help. Just make sure that when you schedule these rides that you give the company at least 24 hours advance notice to ensure that they will have an opening for you. You can always call them on the day of activity, but you cannot be guaranteed that the time that you need will be open. However, if they are available, they will still come to get you.

Another amazing thing about the Top Tulsa Medical Transport company is that they allow you to bring along extra passengers for no additional charge. That way, if you have people that you need to take with you to your doctor’s appointment or to some other events, you will be able to do so. They can carry up to two other passengers in the vehicle with you, and they can provide an additional vehicle for any other passengers that you may have with you. This way, you will always be able to feel comfortable and secure with the services offered to you, and you will not have to worry about traveling alone.

If you need nonemergency medical transport, HealthRide is the place to call because they will always do their best to make sure that their services are as affordable as possible. If you are a member of Community Care insurance, you will also find that a lot of the cost of your ride is covered by your insurance.

If you’re ready to receive the highest quality treatment possible for your nonemergency medical transport needs, then give HealthRide a call at 918-404-0038; visit their website,; or send an email to [email protected]. No matter what method of communication that you use get in touch with them, you will receive a prompt response, and you will always be treated with dignity, friendliness, and respect. HealthRide looks forward to serving you.

Top Tulsa Medical Transport | Best nonemergency transportation

When you’re looking for help from a nonemergency medical transportation company, you want to make sure that it is a company that takes good care of you. After all, they are helping you get around to important appointments and activities. Therefore, when you’re looking for the Top Tulsa Medical Transport company, you should check into HealthRide, a company that is dedicated to making sure that its customers receive high-quality service and that they always get what they need to go safely and quickly.

As you probably know, many forms of medical transportation are extremely expensive. However, when you work with the Top Tulsa Medical Transport company, HealthRide, you will find that the services are available at affordable prices. This is because the people at HealthRide are committed to making sure that their customers are able to get the service that they need at reasonable prices. Thus, they will always do everything they can to keep the price low without sacrificing quality. Additionally, they offer a partnership with Community Care insurance, so if you are a carrier of Community Care, you will be able to have a majority of the cost covered. Unfortunately, they are not partnering with any other insurance companies at this time, but you can still rest assured that they will keep the cost as low for you as they can.

Other medical transportation companies have frustrating limits on where they can go and when they can transport you. Fortunately, this is not the case with HealthRide, the Top Tulsa Medical Transport. They are able to take you anywhere that you need to go in Oklahoma, and they are able to come get you at any time of the day, any day of the week, even on holidays. Therefore, if you need to get to an appointment early in the morning or if you are in need of handicap-accommodating transportation to a family gathering, you can be certain that HealthRide will be able to help you out.

HealthRide is excited to offer you services at any time of the day and any deal we, but they do request that you give them at least 24 hours of notice before the time of transportation. This ensures that you will be able to get transportation at the time that you need. However, if you realize that you need some day-of transportation, you can always give HealthRide a call and see if they have an opening. If they are available at the time that you need them, they will be there.

If you’re ready to get in touch with the best nonemergency medical transportation company in Tulsa, then give HealthRide a call at 918-404-0038; visit their website,; or send an email to [email protected]. No matter what method of medication you use, HealthRide make sure to get back in contact with you as soon as possible and give you the highest quality care that they can.