Wheelchair Transports

Although we have great vans, what makes us really special is our drivers. Because HealthRide drivers are willing to do more than other companies with our 24 hour a day services (prior scheduling needed). That means drivers are making themselves available at 6am, Weekends, Holidays; Other wheelchair transport companies can’t say that. HealthRide selects drivers that we believe will be passionate about the wheelchair transportation service they will provide. HealthRide drivers must have a clean driving record, pass a background check and a 10 panel drug screen. All HealthRide drivers have had extensive hands on training so they can get you to your destination as safely as possible. Additionally, most of our drivers have healthcare backgrounds or are CPR certified. A big part of the HealthRide customer experience is our efforts to go above and beyond what other services do. We have higher standards and expectations for our services. We strive to provide superior customer service by being reliable, friendly, and helpful.